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Leadership Podcast: Pollock or Rockne, What’s Your Leadership Style?

When you teach, you sometimes for dichotomies, exaggerate distinctions. I think the distinction between Jackson Pollock and Knute Rockne as presented in the two videos I showed the other day (featured yesterday) carry a very strong message.  In a real way, they give us a classical distinction between looseness and control, two styles, not only for approaching the world but also for approaching leadership—each style lacking a bit. In the podcast below I examine the importance of defining your leadership style.

In no way do I think this is anything more than an exercise.  I realize these are snippets and not reflections of their whole character.  As presented in the videos, an interesting distinction for people to think about.  Where would you put yourself on the continuum?

Please listen here: Leadership Styles: Pollock or Rockne