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Before & After Twitter: How 3 Generations Use Social Technology

There have always been generation gaps–but in the age of social technology the generation gaps are getting bigger and growing faster.

The Glibbers: If you were born after 1980 the chances are you grew up near a computer and now, 29 years later, you digest online information quickly and in small bits. Glibber’s won’t just read news stories but they’ll follow their friends on twitter, scan a blog based in Hong Kong, read LA food reviews, and download a movie all in the span of 5 minutes. Glibbers get a world of fractured information in real time.

The Roamers: You’re in the neighborhood of 50 but can still send Youtube videos to your nieces and nephews. Roamers will get their information from trusted news sources or they will search out specific information they want. When it comes to processing online information Roamers will try hard to read the entirety of an article but will most likely stop once they get the chunks of information they need. The Internet doesn’t scare off Roamers but it doesn’t absorb their attention for 8 hours a day.

The Clingers: A Clinger is anyone who looks at a computer with apprehension, unease, and reluctance. The clingers will get access to online information through the help of Roamers and Glibbers or they will relay on a few trusted websites to gather interesting st0ries. The Clingers will read entire articles, watch whole Youtube videos, and take notes of what they are seeing and reading. A true Clinger will print out articles they like, read them, and then save them.

Social Technology and The Generation Gap
The Glibbers The Roamers The Clingers
Real Time Short Term Long Term
Bits of Information Chunks of Information Complete Information
Coded words Quick Sentences Full Pages
Delete Search/Bookmark Save

Where do you fall on this chart?

Tomorrow we’ll look at the importance and leadership role that each generation possess.