Today's leadership skills,
for today's leadership challenges

In any industry or sector, BLG experts provide the skills to become Pragmatic Leaders, drive innovation, and achieve results.


Using intensive retreats, onsite workshops, virtual learning, and asynchronous learning, BLG will be your partner in delivering leadership training for your leaders.

The BLG Pragmatic Leadership™ Model

The Pragmatic Leadership™ model was developed by Professor Samuel B. Bacharach, Co-Founder of Bacharach Leadership Group (BLG), during a span of 30 years, fusing academic rigor and real-world relevance. Bacharach, the McKelvey-Grant Emeritus Professor at Cornell University, decoded the skills by which pragmatic leaders break organizational inertia and move agendas to get things done. This framework was enhanced by psychotherapist, executive coach and BLG Co-Founder, Yael S. Bacharach, whose work on coaching skills has been critical in helping leaders manage their teams and translate ideas into execution. BLG’s proven methodology, outlined in the Pragmatic Leadership™ book series, is about leading for discovery and delivery across 4 critical competencies:

In the context of shifting market demands, pressure for disruptive innovation, new C-suite strategy and visions, success depends on the skills of rapid and agile execution.

Through facilitative discussions and interviews, BLG engages with key stakeholders to align business aspirations and organizational structures with today’s leadership talent needs. Designing a leadership development program through a process of deep collaboration assures focus on those behavioral skills most consistent with unique business challenges.


BLG Training Experience

The BLG Experience

Whether you want BLG to deliver a complete leadership academy across your organization, focus on a key group, or supplement an ongoing program, the primary goal of any of our programs will be business impact.

Skill Alignment

BLG establishes a deep collaboration before launching the program to assure relevance and total ownership of all leadership skills training.

Skill Immersion

BLG offers face-to-face workshops and webinars to train business leaders to become Agenda Movers and reinforces learning with one-on-one and group coaching.

Skill Diffusion

BLG provides virtual delivery modalities to reinforce, expand, and scale the acquired leadership skills throughout the organization.

BLG Partnership & Customization

BLG will partner with you and your leadership team to choose the leadership training modality or modalities that are right for your organization. The BLG Pragmatic Leadership™ Model has the capacity to create case studies that incorporate your organization’s unique experience, integrating our model with your reality.

BLG believes content is essential and must be developed from a combination of field experience, academic research and a keen awareness of customer needs. But just as we’re committed to content, we are also committed to a visually interactive, contemporary, and dynamic delivery platform. Our academics and trainers as well as our learning designers make sure that our training content and surveys are engaging and relevant.

Our Delivery Philosophy

The BLG Difference

BLG partners with clients undergoing disruptive change. We offer results-driven training that departs from off the shelf programs and consulting and advisory groups focused only on assessment and reporting. BLG will explore your leadership talent needs, define your core competencies, and deliver a program that gives your leaders the tools to analyze challenges, devise innovate solutions, and get things done.  BLG’s leadership training is grounded in over 30 years of academic research and real world application.

Sample BLG Pragmatic Leadership™ Program

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