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Building an Innovation Academy

Partnering with Cisco, BLG assisted in developing the Cisco Innovation Academy—a global program with both online and offline content. BLG face-to-face workshops were delivered in Bangalore, Tel Aviv, and North Carolina. Video presentations and interactive webinars were also provided to program participants.

“I’ve worked with the Bacharach Leadership Group and found them quite unique in the attention and focus they bring to project. They clearly understand the core issues around leadership, change, and innovation and know how to partner with HR and the businesses to make sure whatever program they put in place meets the unique needs of their clients.”

-Kathleen Weslock
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Giving High-Potentials to Lead
for Change & Innovation

SunGard, a leader in financial services and public sector software and services, used the BLG model to train it’s High-Potentials To Lead for Innovation, Create Change, And Move Agendas In a Solution Driven Organization. To date, over 100 individuals from across the globe in charge of each of SunGard’s key businesses have been trained using the tools provided by BLG. The intensive workshops focused on the critical skills that could move SunGard forward with a special emphasis on developing the leadership skills necessary to enhance collaboration and lead for innovation and change results for Sungard globally.

“BLG has a unique approach to leadership: practical and with direct relevance to execution. They work closely with clients to provide a truly powerful training experience. I have sent a number of my team members to BLG trainings with excellent results.”

-Bob Santella
President, Brokerage, SunGard

Leading for the Agile University

BLG developed Leading Cornell—a program designed to train Cornell University’s high-potential leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st century. With austerity planning and other issues facing higher education, the BLG model was an effective way of focusing emerging leaders on the context of the change in the university setting, learn how to come up with new ideas, and understand how to move ideas forward. Both administrative and academic leaders participated in the Leading Cornell program, providing the university with a coherent leadership mindset across organizational units.

“BLG provides the context and theory behind the skills; then, they put them to practice with actual working sessions. And, you can immediately put the learned skill to use! I would recommend the BLG program to anyone who wants to be a more effective leader.”

– Lucinda M. Allen
Executive Director Academic Operations School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

Leading for IT Transformation

BLG presented a targeted workshop at Warner Music focusing on the behavioral skills IT leaders as they radically transformed their IT platform from a “fix it” mindset to a consultative mindset. BLG supplied Warner Music’s IT leaders with the ideational, political, and managerial skills necessary to build deep relationships across organizational units and with their internal and external clients.

Leading for Internal & External Innovation:
The Skills of Execution

Working with Mindtree, a multinational IT and services consulting firm, BLG applied its model to address those unique challenges faced by the tech industry as it moves from products and specific services, to solutions and deep customer relations. The BLG model was used to enhance the capacity of Mindtree leaders to partner with customers for innovation, to lead internal teams for ideation and prototyping, and to have the political competence to get the buy-in and mobilize support to assure results.

“The BLG team…took time out to understand the context of our organization…The workshop design comprised the right blend of perspectives on innovation…At the end of the workshop, we believe we found learning partners who have a value match with Mindtree — displaying collaborative spirit , unrelenting dedication and expert thinking. “

– Vidya Santhanam
Associate Director, Mindtree

Leading in The New UVA

BLG worked with University of Virginia’s organizational design and leadership experts to deliver a program that would enhance the cooperative, innovative, and agile skills across university units. The intent of the program was to build on UVA’s strong academic culture and sense of purpose by giving the high potentials, from deans of academic affairs to division heads of maintenance and administrators of the medical school, the skills they need to create “the new UVA.”


BLG’s strength is their deep knowledge. They are one of the few groups who understands how to take core academic concepts and make them work in the real world.

Gianpaolo Barozzi, Cisco
“[BLG] are exceptional in aligning their leadership skills training with the specific needs of a business. They work as true, true partners. They are an exceptionally talented group.”

Gianpaolo Barozzi

Cisco Director, HR Talent Management Career Development
“I would like to thank the BLG team; they did an absolutely amazing job; there was a kind of magic in both sessions; a magic that I could only explain by its extreme simplicity and at the same time its fabulous power…I have left the meetings with a nice cocktail of techniques that promptly helped me in improving my Leadership skills.”

Adel Torjmen

SunGard, Managing Director Tunis STS Center Global Trading Chief Architect
As a speaker, Sam [Bacharach] is a whirlwind—a high energy blend of humor, impact and true mastery of the research…I’d recommend him wholeheartedly for any event that needs an original thinker and lively speaker on the topic of leadership—but only if Inc. doesn’t have an event at the same time, because I have dibs.”

Eric Schurenberg

Eric Schurenberg Editor-in-Chief, Inc.com and Inc. Magazine
“[BLG’s] leadership training brought our leadership group together and has allowed us to follow through on having discussions and disagreements while allowing us to move agendas forward in a difficult economic time for the college.”

Barb Christ

Penn State
“The three day BLG workshop…was a focused, highly interactive and extremely effective experience.“

Dr. Yael Heifetz

Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Department of Entomology, Hebrew University
“Time and again I find myself drawing on the concepts so effectively delivered by BLG. I came away from the program knowing both what to do and what to avoid in a leadership role.”

Julie Delay

Director of Human Resources College of Engineering & Computing and Information Science, Cornell University
“Old habits die hard but having participated in a series of BLG leadership trainings, I’m surprised on a daily basis how quickly I’ve been able to adopt their deeper definition of coaching. My conversations with peers, direct reports, and my supervisor have changed for the better! Negotiating with other departments are no longer fraught.”

Tom Cardamone

Director of Staff Development and Training Human Resources Dept., Housing Works
“I know that I will use the knowledge and skills provided by BLG to enhance my overall organizational leadership abilities. I appreciated their use of role-plays and overall interactive nature of each exercise, and how thorough their content was from start to finish.”

Christian Burgess

Program Director, Mental Health Association