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The BLG Pragmatic Leadership® Series is published by the Cornell University Press and each volume is practitioner orientated, academically grounded, and emphasizes specific skills of execution that leaders at all levels need to master. Upcoming volumes will focus on innovation, negotiation, agile teams, and leading with empathy.

The Agenda Mover

Everyone is capable of coming up with a good idea, but a good idea without execution is hallucination. Whether you’re a team leader trying to lead change and innovation in a large corporation, an entrepreneur trying to gain support, a politician trying to expand your coalition, or an individual trying to advance your career and build networks, The Agenda Mover will give you the political and managerial leadership skills necessary to achieve results.

Published by Cornell University Press.

Transforming the Clunky Organization

Expanding on The Agenda Mover, this book offers a roadmap for individual leaders at all levels to create the agility and synergy needed for the continuous organized flow of information and the movement of ideas. Clunky organizations need leaders that are explorers and innovators in the discovery phase and mobilizers and sustainers to deliver solutions. Transforming the Clunky Organization provides the keys for necessary behaviors that allow leaders to successfully break inertia and foster agility.

Published by Cornell University Press.

Other Books By Samuel Bacharach

Additional books that have helped thousands build performance through pragmatic leadership.

Get Them On Your Side

Learn how to mobilize support, improve efficiency, and get things done! Politics is an inevitable, legitimate, and even beneficial aspect of corporate and organizational life. Hard work and good ideas are not enough to ensure success-your ability to win allies and head off resistance is what really matters in today’s corporate environment. If you don’t garner support for your ideas, you could become an organizational casualty.

Keep Them On Your Side

Many employees spend their time getting people on their side, only to drop the ball by failing to “keep them on their side”. The key to longterm success in any organization is maintaining momentum for ideas and initiatives. While many books focus on initiating or managing change in the short term, “Keep Them on Your Side” is the first book to address maintaining organizational momentum for projects and agendas to ensure that initial goals will actually be achieved over the long haul.


Leadership ‘gets things done,’ Cornell staff members learn

Whether it’s creating collaborative spaces to foster innovation and creativity, increasing giving to the United Way campaign, or providing resources to those with chronic illnesses, leadership is about “getting things done,” this year’s Leading Cornell class learned. articles

Leading Teams:
It’s a Balancing Act

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