Thanks to mobile simulations, pragmatic leadership learning is now easier than ever.

Pragmatic Leadership® Simulation

Pragmatic Leadership® Simulation is a powerful mobile learning tool that makes leadership training active and interactive. It seamlessly incorporates:

  • Narrative simulation game: In playing the mobile simulation game, learners directly practice leadership skills in the context.
  • Bite-size videos & takeaways: The modularized learning videos & notes provide the knowledge base to apply pragmatic leadership in real-life contexts.
  • AI-enabled learning analytics: Based on learner behaviors and micro-decisions, the analytics provide learners with personalized feedback and L&D practitioners with input for talent development.

Why Simulation?

First Title: Political Competence

Based on The Agenda Mover, the 5-star publication by Prof. Samuel B. Bacharach,  the first module of the Pragmatic Leadership® Simulation is focused on developing political competence of today and tomorrow’s leaders. Why political competence? It is the critical skill that convenes the organization to bring to life the much-needed change efforts.

C-level directors, senior executives, middle & first-line managers, HiPos, and project leads can all greatly benefit from using the Agenda Mover Simulation.

Second Title: Coaching Leader

In today’s organizations, effective leaders must have coaching skills to engage and empower those they lead. The good news is that by coaching others, leaders can also benefit. Research shows that employees embrace engagement and might consider it more important than payWhen people feel engaged and empowered, they will go the distance with you.

Yet, coaching leadership requires learning and practice.The more you practice, the more effective you will become. The Coaching Leader App will provide leaders with  a great tool to learn and practice the skills you need to become an authentic coaching leader. 


“Leaders who follow Sam’s precepts don’t waste time on flash. Instead they acquire that one essential but all-too-rare attribute of effective leadership: They get things done.”

– Eric Schurenberg
CEO, Mansueto Ventures
publishers of Inc. Magazine and Fast Company

“Sam Bacharach provides a practical guide to producing results in the modern organization.” 

– Rob Manfred
Commissioner, Major League Baseball


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