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It’s all in a name: The Flying Child-Injuring Disk (video)

Being a leader is about more than just getting from point A to point B. Sometimes you need to be creative as well. No one is demanding that you re-paint the Mona Lisa, but you do need to have either a) some creative ideas of your own b) the forethought to hire people who do. Of course if it was that easy nothing would ever go wrong, but in fact creativity is a multi-step process. You can come up with the most amazing product ever (for our sake let’s say you invented the Frisbee) but if you name it the Flying Child-Injuring Disk, all your work will be for naught. Naming stuff might seem like an afterthought, but if done incorrectly, you can scuttle the best laid plans.  At this point you might ask, “is the hip and with-it tech world immune from this chronic and debilitating  lack of imagination?”  My answer would be a firm “NO!” but seeing how that’s kind of harsh and boring,I will instead let the always informative and entertaining Brian Cooley from CNET TV tell you all about the Top 5 Worst Named Tech Products. Oh and don’t forget to go out and pick up a Flying Child-Injuring Disc, summer is just around the corner!