Will Google Wave Kill Email & Facebook: Two Sides to Every Trend [Video]

google_wave_logoGoogle wave, if you buy their message, will “change the way we email.”

And if you are a tech junkie or a developer enthusiast Google Wave has probably made your month year. But will it change the way we do email? Will it replace Facebook and take the social networking lead?

Here’s what the two camps are saying:

Fans: Yes, Google Wave is the Future

1. It has the power to make online collaborations possible…in real time.

2. Developers can make a endless amount of apps…

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Head in the Clouds: Businesses Must Deal With Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, a term originating from an old network designers’ icon, is really just the ability to access and use everything you normally work with and need on your PC–without your PC. In other words, it’s the ability to hop on the Internet, or hop in the ‘cloud’, and start working on your spreadsheets, updating your order-forms, and listening to your music without your PC, your flash drive, or your external hard drive. However, even the experts are having a hard time defining cloud computing’s scope, power, and use….

So what are the implications?

Everyone is trying to see this one coming. The New York Times suggests that cloud computing may lend itself to larger censorship. Business Week thinks more and more businesses will rely on it. Newsweek is guessing that the technology will help developing nations. And the Wall Street Journal is witnessing a trend every business is dying to get into.

The thing is…everyone is right. Cloud computing will be huge and it’ll be a boon for emerging economies, new businesses, and consumers. However, cloud computing also comes with its own set of problems: security and censorship key among them.

What does this mean for your office?

Cloud computing is neither swift nor capable enough to reliably support the files and data your business likely uses everyday….