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6 Reasons To Negotiate

The other day we spoke about the fact that leaders should know when to negotiate and when not to negotiate. Sometimes negotiation is not just the right tactic. The question is when do you negotiate? I’d like to suggest six points that you should consider when you’re thinking of negotiating.

1. You negotiate when you share something in common.
Negotiation demands at least an inkling of common ground. Sometimes there is no common ground at all. Without common ground, you don’t have a base and nothing much to talk about. First and foremost, you need to share something in common. This doesn’t mean that you share everything, but at least you have a beachhead.

2. You negotiate when you have the time to negotiate.
Negotiation takes time, and you have to calculate if you are better off taking action without negotiation because time is against you. There are times when the delay that formal negotiations will create makes the process not worth it. Sometimes, the time invested in the negotiations may not be worth it….