Top Social Media and Tech Videos (5.6.11-5.13.11)

Here are our Top 3 social media and tech videos from the past week.

1. The Tech Buzz of the Week from CNET TV

2. Social Media and The Arab Spring

3. Paul Allen defends his tell-all book on CNN

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How To Save An Hour A Day (video)

Do you ever wish you had 25 hours a day to get things done? These days thanks to layoffs and cutbacks, many of us are doing the jobs of 3 or 4 people. It’s overwhelming and disruptive on so many levels. But now there might be a way to gain the upperhand on Mr. Time. Michael Heppell, a best-selling  author who has advised Microsoft, RBS, WH Smith and Britian’s National Health Service, just released a new book called  ‘How To Save An Hour A Day’. In an informative interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Heppell not only gives some free advice and tips, but he also guarantees his methods will save you an hour a day because if you are not satisfied his website offers you a way to get your money back.

We’d love to hear what you think of “How to Save an Hour A Day” , so read the article or check out the video below and if you decide to pick up the book, try out Heppell’s tips and give us a holler if they actually work.

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Funny Leadership Videos: Dilbert

Nothing will brighten up your Monday (or what ever day you are watching them) like some funny workplace videos. This week we will focus on that old stand-by, Dilbert. Sit back, enjoy and then get back to work!


photo and videos: Scott Adams
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Leadership and The Language Of Integrity

When speaking of leadership we often talk about vision and passion, and the dramaturgy of presentation. But more important than any of these, is a well articulated sense of sincerity.  In the final analysis, leadership is about personal credibility. It’s about your ability to convey to people not only the feeling of “been there done that” but also a sense of being able to convey to people that you have:

• Positional Authority: That you speak from a place that gives you the right to talk to the issue

• Personal Integrity: That you are speaking beyond self interest

• Expertise and Knowledge: That you really know what you’re talking about

• Time and Opportunity: That you know that this is the right time and right arena to speak to the issue

(chart and following text from Get Them On Your Side, Samuel B. Bacharach 2006)

“In order to establish personal credibility, you must use language and personal presentation. How do you let others know, without shoving it down their throat, that you are credible? What language should you use to initiate a supportive response? Keep in mind that if you become overbearing, it is unlikely that you’ll develop deep support. If you try to make yourself credible simply based on your position, you’ll be viewed as confusing power for credibility. If you constantly try to push your personal integrity, you may be quickly dismissed as wallowing self righteousness and will become an irresistible target for cynics.  If you overplay your hand by maintaining that you have the needed expertise, you may be written off as arrogant. Finally, if you claim to be credible because you are at the right place at the right time and have a sense of urgency, you may be viewed as being frantic. Try to communicate a balanced picture of credibility.  Let them know about your expertise and knowledge, show them your personal integrity, hint about your positional authority, and remind them that you are at the right place at the right time.  Most important, don’t overplay any single factor and communicate with self-assured subtlety.”

No matter what your position is regarding gay marriage, a wonderful example of the practice of leadership through the language of integrity may be seen in a video I stumbled across the other day featuring an impressive young man by the name of Zack Wahls. Take a few minutes and watch and listen to Zack and see how he truly personifies leadership and the language of integrity.

photo: maureen lunn
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10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From June 28-July 2

1. Are bosses changing and becoming soft, approachable, hugg-able figures in today’s economy? The possible reformation of bosses.

2. Management is a skill that can be learned, but it’s not exactly a profession.

3. Great presentation on how to get people to notice your social media efforts.

4. Good analysis of network versus organizational leadership.

5. The story (and facts) behind narrative leadership.

6. 11 productivity enhancing tips for those “brain dead” days.

7. During a crisis you can’t act like a cowboy .

8. 7 good tips that help you create a content masterpiece…from Bach.

9. Is your blog or company website similar to the unpopular person at high school? Here’s a rescue ladder.

10. Fun discussion on NYC’s recent Russian spy scandal.

Picture Credit: Ocularinvasion