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10 Compelling Proactive Leadership Links: November 2-6

baboon1. Bob Sutton explains how baboons can teach us about leadership. The story also includes a great radio interview and article by Robert Sapolsky.

2. Employee engagement is the focal point for a lot of organizations these days. David Zinger explains 10 principles of employee engagement so you aren’t left behind.

3. Dan Oestreich helps you figure out a very important question: should I stay or should I go quit?

4. This great blog post explains Professor Herminia Ibarra recent study on women in the workplace . Her thoughts on the “vision thing” are insightful and look forward to a better framework.

5. Everyone has a different list of “top ten leadership qualities”, however Aleksandar M. Velkoski list comes with an important caveat: leadership isn’t innate and it can be learned.

6. We don’t want to hear it, but Tony Morgan outlines 10 reasons why we will probably fail. It’s a frank list that will shake you up and put you back on track.

7. Office bullies can teach us about the necessities of collation building. Just ask Craig Mostat and his experience with a bully…in 5th grade.

8. Here’s a studied look at influence vs. persuasion as it relates to leadership and trust.

9. The average age of Facbook users is 33. For Twitter, 31. What does this mean and why is generation Y addicted to online social networking. Good answers and theories here.

10. Step-by-step guide helping you get laid-off. Funny and educational.



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