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10 Great Proactive Leadership Links: October 5-9

HowtoSucceed1. Great interview with Henry Mintzberg, author of The Nature of Managerial Work. He talks about his new book and the difference between leadership and management.

2. Detailed and informative read on innovation, its conception, its growth, and its rate of success. The article discusses the concept of creativity as being a small step into the long process of innovation.

3. In-depth look at 4 leadership theories. Great stuff from Academic Leadership.

4. I love finding great examples of leadership in interesting stories. It makes the lesson that much more memorable. So, here’s one from Mom.

5. What can we learn from a bad leader? A lot. Follow this Twitter feed and learn what NOT to do….

6. Compelling argument that passion is NOT a prerequisite for on the job success. Nice to see a new perspective once and a while.

7. 7 ways you can un-inspire employees. # 6: Changing course without showing your reasoning. Couldn’t agree more.

8. “15 Ways to Be a Leader”. Huge, detailed, list packed with examples. Great leadership thoughts from a source that doesn’t often discuss the theme of leadership.

9. While we’re on the subject of lists, here are 7 tips to present like Steve Jobs. Remember, presentations are performances.

10. Pepsi will cease advertising. Good marketing idea?



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