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10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From December 13-17

1. Social media will sell out soon–it’s better to get in now or never. Just look at hip-hop.

2. 7 tips that can help you boost your creativity.

3. Have a knotty problem? Turn on comedy central–it’ll help.

4. I like the angle (and the links). 20 Best Leadership Post’s from 2010.

5. Leaders take note: gossip and politics are intertwined, like it or not.

6. Google just launched Gmail delegation. It’s a great tool for on-the-go leaders.

7. Here’s a fun thread about what books made people better leaders. Great online conversation.

8. 10 truths about leadership. Good leaders keep learning.

9. A solid look at a exciting new leadership book: Bury My Heart at  Conference Room B.

10. And if you haven’t seen it yet, go see The King’s Speech. It’ll shine a light on leadership as well as the art of public speaking.



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