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10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From July 19-23

1. Here’s a video that illustrates the moods of Twitter users across America. Fascinating project that begins to reveal what we can learn from social networks.

2. A lesson in smart advertising in the age of social media.

3. Steve Jobs’ iPhone 4 launch report card. He’s going to have to stay after class.

4. Advice on how to recover from misunderstandings. Hope you don’t have to refer back to this constantly.

5. Intern’s can give startups a great competitive edge. Here’s why.

6. 5 major ways businesses leak money.

7. Good book review on Charlene Li’s new book, Open Leadership and how it evaluates leadership’s changing structure.

8. A good example of a politician using social media to invigorate his campaign.

9. Learn the history of Rome on your iPod. Great podcast that all leaders should subscribe to.

10. Sound advice: What to do when your blog is dropped from Google search.

Bonus: Scientists have discovered several hundred earth-like planets: video explanation.



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