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10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From October 11-15

1. Novelist Margaret Atwood talks about Twitter and what it means for her and what it means for our world (video).

2. Ever feel like you were just an ant? Maybe it’s not the worst thing ever Deborah Gordan explains.

3. 5 tips that help you engage an audience with social networking tools.

4. In defense of cloud computing, or, cloud computing 101.

5. This might not be a surprise, but CEOs from the worlds biggest companies are still weary of social media.

6. FDR’s failed attempt to build a coalition.

7. 3 reasons why you might want to brush up on your influence leadership.

8. Great work/motivation lessons from a self-employed women.

9. A great discussion on business intelligence and social media (video).

10. …And now for something completely different: Leadership Lessons from Mad Men.

Picture Credit: Julian Bleeker



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