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10 Tips on How to Sustain Momentum

spinningThe biggest challenge for a successful leader is sustaining momentum. Becoming a leader and achieving agendas is just the beginning. Great leaders are able to maintain the energy that propelled them to their success. Here are 10 key steps to sustaining momentum that I outlined in Keep Them on Your Side:

1. Distribute Resources: Give people the capacity to keep things moving

2. Make Needed Corrections: Monitor performance and make corrections along the way.

3. Develop Focus: Keep everyone’s eye on the prize. In other words, maintain focus.

4. Look for Problems: Anticipate opposition. Don’t wait for mistakes to happen…

5. Juggle Roles: Balance both Facilitative & Directive leadership styles.

6. Establish Two Systems: Create hierarchies, but don’t forget to develop teams

7. Don’t Overreact: Make adjustments when needed, but don’t over react

8. Take Time to Party: Celebrate people and success. However, don’t worship anybody or any accomplishment for too long.

9. Beware of Enemies: Watch for Trojan Horses: Confront internal opposition

10. Be Proactive: Sustain momentum by always keeping a few steps ahead.



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