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50 Great Leadership Videos

Leadership skills, Execution, Agenda Development, 2.0 Leadership and Inspiration are the focal points of the following 50 leadership videos.

Leadership Skills

1. The importance of believing in your employees. Don’t second guess staff…constantly.

2. Emotional intelligence is vital for leaders. Here’s what to remember.

3. Employee engagement…can be compared to a dance party (scroll down).

4. Knute Rockne, one of Football’s greatest coaches, motivates his players (rare footage).

5. Motivating people can be hard. Sometimes you have to demand great work.

6. How NOT to motivate employees (Funny).

7. The challenge of being a proactive AND senior leader. Admiral Mike Mullen Explains.

8. When is madness visible in leadership? Or, what can Bogart teach us about leading?

9. The role of Ego in leadership. A fine line between helpful and hurtful.

10. Desmond Tutu discusses servant leadership.

11. Richard Feynman tells us to never make assumptions and to always doubt norms.

12. Feynman, in a different interview, tells us that there is nothing in a name and new methods are always needed.

13. Some ideas on how to communicate your vision and agenda by American Chef John Besh.

14. Passion plays a vital role in leadership. This is why it’s important.

15. Leading positively can lead to proactive change in your business.

2.0 Leadership

16. Leadership and social media. How can leaders use social media?

17. Social media’s power and force explained. Leaders have to familiarize themselves with social media before it’s too late.

18. Cloud computing is the future. Leaders need to stay ahead of the curve.

19. Here’s a light look on social media’s ability to bring people together…and create.

20. Not on Twitter yet? Learn about it and think about ways it can help you connect with employees.

21. A quick, fun, explanation of Google Wave.

22. The advantages of digital text–with explanation. Great for bloggers.

23. What’s the status of your 2.0 identity?


24. Getting things done while minimizing stress. (Download link)

25. Passing the buck. Watch John Adam’s get Jefferson to write the Declaration of independence.

26. The dangers of micro-managing. Inept employees are bad hires.

27. Charisma can turn into madness. Look at Shakespeare’s Henry V.

28. Majora Carter tells her story of how she initiated change in the South Bronx with little help and little money.

29. Chef Gordan Ramsey explains the importance of turning something negative into something positive.

30. How NOT to negotiate. Hat tip to Monty Python.

31. Get them on your side by showing your staffers you will go the distance.

32. Woody Allen reminds us not to forget our negotiation priorities.

33. By studying our tribal tendencies we can figure out how we get things done.

34. The challenges women face in the business world . Great interview with Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi.

35. Standing up for your ideas in the face of criticisms. It involves commitment and desire.

Agenda Development

36. Rory Sutherland talks about adding subjective value to products, ideas, and things. Use these ideas the next time you want to add value to your agenda.

37. Just because you have failed before, doesn’t mean you are bad. Just ask Michael Jordan.

38. J.B. Jeyaretnam discusses the Worker’s Party and his contrary agenda.

39. Developing an agenda that will transform the system can be a challenge (with some laughs along the way). A interview with Michelle Rhee.


40. Colin Powell leadership advice–in 13 easy points.

41. What’s the value of your work? Looking for integrity in work.

42. The 4 hour work week can leave you a lot of time for the things you love. Think it can work? (Download video).

43. Are you a leader that feels problems out? Jackson Pollock does as well.

44. Here are 10 laws of simplicity to help you organize your workload and life.

45. Tips on storytelling from NPR’s Scott Simon. Great for learning how to connect with employees and clients.

46. 5 Strategies to handle criticisms.

47. Paul Rand discusses the aesthetics of work and design. Great lessons to be learned.

48. The importance of creating meaning in your business.

49. Use your fear to help you inspire change.

50. Great video about life, learning, and growing directed by Baz Luhrmann.

Bonus: Machiavelli’s The Prince (full text) read outloud…on Youtube.

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