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Proactive Capacity–Broadening our Leadership Theme: Welcome to the new blog!

The proactive capacity to create change, move agendas ahead, and execute depends on experience, skills, technology, opportunity, and attitude. This site is dedicated to people who can execute, leaders who can implement agendas, individuals who pursue and achieve goals, and those who want to learn the skills of taking charge and proactively leading.

Leadership implies taking charge in your own personal world, the workplace, in your community, and in your career… Proactive capacity is a skill that needs to be learned in order to succeed in all of these arenas. Through the review of academic research, exemplary stories, interesting events, unanticipated observations and unexpected examples this blog hopes to highlight events, individuals and skills that exemplify proactive capacity to get things done and those that don’t.

Our stories may seem diverse but at there core, whether we’re examining a corporate best practice, the role of social media, writing about a cultural event, describing a style of a particular leader, investigating a political debate, reviewing a book, discussing a play, or analyzing a trend, each of these stories is attempting to give you insight into proactive capacity establishing, enhancing your proactive leadership potential.



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