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“Doctor, It’s My Boss…”

According to new research presented in The Atlantic bad bosses can negatively impact your mental and psychological health which in turn can affect your family.

Now, I’ve had my share of bad bosses. The worst came from the world of retail. I was a sales “associate” and he was my manger and in charge of making sure I came in to work on time and didn’t dress like a slob. The only problem was he had a a drug problem. It’s hard to rise the ranks when your manager is content to pursue his hobbies in the break room.

At the time I didn’t have a family and I was a student. The only thing that suffered was my grades.

But there are good bosses. One of my personal favorites gave me advice to live by. He used to say, “If I don’t miss you, then I don’t need you.” It was a stressful maxim to heed, but it helped me realize the value of hard work.

While the research discussed in The Atlantic is by no means startling (who hasn’t witnessed a couple fight over work?) it’s a helpful reminder to those who are stuck under the yoke of a boss who creates stress needlessly. Part common sense, part scary story, part science–the article is a helpful eye opener.



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