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Doing Social Media Right

internetHarperCollins’ editorial board is letting you, me, and the internet community at large do their job., created by HarperCollins, allows amateur authors to display their writing to the world. Every month the top 5 most popular stories make their way to the editorial desk where they are given a chance to be published.

It’s a great example of a company using the internet and the popularity of social media to its advantage. HarperCollins not only gets the chance to discover promising writers, but they also have the opportunity to endorse their own writers and products through a detailed resources page. Young writers benefit as well. They get the chance to present their work on a professional platform as well as have it read and critiqued by a large group of dedicated readers. It’s a everyone-wins website that has long-term potential.

Companies, leaders, and managers can learn from what HarperCollins did right. They created a competitive and fun environment that draws in large numbers of writers and readers. They spent extra time and money to create and maintain a tool for writers and adventurous readers. They had to give something away in order to build an audience.  Attracting and keeping a person’s attention while they are online demands creating a give-and-take atmosphere. Websites, thanks to social media, should be less focused on aesthetics and more focused on developing a give-and-take relationship.

Comprehending this can make all the difference. Whether you are concerned with creating a website or molding your company’s online personality it’s important to remember that online attention requires a delicate give and take. Blogs, twitter feeds, and Youtube videos are great vehicles for giving away information and showing off your personality or business brand, but sometimes giving away more information and encouraging more interaction with the online community, is required to build a stable following.

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