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Free Webinar Next Week: Employee Engagement During Challenging Times

Next Wednesday (September 15th) I’m going to talk about employee engagement online. The free Webinar will be at 1:00 PM EDT.  If you are interested, please sign up here.

Employee engagement is a vital driver of an organization’s bottom-line results and critical outcomes—including absenteeism, turnover, customer satisfaction, and operational and financial performance. A weak economy, internal stressors, industry- and market-based changes, as well as a wide variety of management struggles all play an exacerbating role in preventing employees from being focused and engaged. But whether you’re a company executive, senior manager, HR professional, supervisor or team leader, the responsibility for keeping employees engaged often falls to you.

I’ll talk about practical techniques for keeping employees engaged and productive during turbulent times.

The Webinar is sponsored by eCornell.

How to Keep Employees Engaged in Challenging Times



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