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Juggling Three Balloons: NBC & Decision Theory

3 balloonsSo here’s the problem: How do leaders juggle three balls at one time?

You have three options in front of you–three distinct variables, but you’re not quite sure what the calculated value of each one is. You know what the costs are, but you don’t know how to maximize your return. What complicates the situation even further is that if you drop one of these options your opponent will pick it up and use the very same option against you. Now, you’re starting to worry that you might make a mistake and drop one of the options.

Let’s complicate the situation even further. You only have so much room in the closet and these options are really just big balloons. You got to squeeze some of the air out of the balloons to get them into your closet. What do you do? Which balloon do you deflate the most? Do you deflate them all? If you deflate one more than the others will this particular anthropomorphized balloon decide to join the opposition?

This all gets quite complicated especially when each of the balloons has different ego needs, but share a common ambition. Leadership is sometimes the art of juggling options and alternatives and often demands the delicate agility necessary to handle three inflated balloons.

On the other hand, maybe you should let all three balloons float away.

Aren’t you glad you aren’t an executive at NBC?

Thanks for the question Klaus. Let’s hope someone can juggle over at NBC.

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