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Leadership Link Round-Up: March 16-20

Here are this weeks best online leadership & workplace articles:

  • Silicon Valley’s individual-focused management policy is disappearing. Goodbye pony tails, Hello bureaucracy.
  • New Challenge for Leadership: Fostering Accountability. Madoff held accountable.
  • Where’s the accountability on Wall St.? Leaders making bad decisions have to take responsibility.
  • If you haven’t seen John Stewart vs. Jim Cramer on the Daily Show, check it out. Where are the honest leaders?
  • Paper mills offer students original essays and research projects for a price. Why don’t certain University’s just charge a flat rate for a degree?
  • China is heading towards a big depression, according to James Fallows, and it will fuel innovation in business and maybe politics.
  • Obama is a new leader trying to fuel new hopes in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.
  • Will power always be abused? George Orwell will remain relevant if we answer, ‘yes’.
  • Leaders and politicians using Twitter. What’s next?
  • Iran’s new leader will matter in a big way.
  • What exactly are the parallels between Obama and Lincoln?


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