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Louisiana Womens Leadership Conference

On May 3rd Sam Bacharach talked at the Louisiana Women Leaders Conference on Small Business Entrepreneurship. He spoke about why vision and charisma isn’t always enough when it comes to leadership. He was joined by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu and Joan Lunden, host of Good Morning America for two decades & best-selling author.

For more information about the The Louisiana Center for Women & Government go here.

The Louisiana Center for Women & Government promotes:
1. Leadership & public policy training opportunities for high potential females, ages 13 & above
2. Non-traditional careers for women
3. Opportunities for public service for women
4. Recognition of women who have made significant contributions in non-traditional roles and/or public service
5. Internships & opportunities for students at institutions of higher education to have practical experience in public service and learn about the relationship and interaction among government, business, and the economy.
6. Louisiana’s intellectual property and policy initiatives for women across this nation.



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