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The Micro-Political Skills of Change Leadership

You can write, you can teach, you can lecture, you can train, but in the final analysis the test of your ideas is in the hands of the practitioners.

At this point in my career the highest point of flattery is to hear someone say, “Your leadership model works,” “It makes a difference,” or “It’s of some use.”

On top of that, having put such emphasis on the micro-political skills as an essential aspect of leadership, what is especially flattering is to have a real world political leader make use of my leadership perspective.

Representative Mike Hubbard (R), has been a member of the Alabama House of Representatives for three terms and been elected the Speaker for the house this past year—a title that hasn’t been given to a Republican since Reconstruction.

Hubbard knows that leadership isn’t just about proposing big ideas, putting forth grand visions, and relying on charisma to get out of tight spots. He knows that leaders have to get things done and execute on agendas to get and maintain a leadership position.

The Change Leadership course that I authored for eCornell focuses on these skills—the skills of execution, the skills of mobilizing, and the skills of the moving agendas ahead. The course is a departure from typical leadership literature and doesn’t focuses on personality traits, but instead on the micro strategies of moving things forward within organizations.

Mike Hubbard had a chance to take the Change Leadership with eCornell and solidified his leadership traits and used them to push his change agendas.

Thank you Mike for the highest form of flattery—relevance.

Below are Hubbard’s thoughts on the Change Leadership course:



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