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This Week’s 10 Best Leadership Links [April 1-5]

stand back--links

Stand back, folks. Links coming through!

The week we’ve had to brave a slew of April fool’s jokes as well as endure North Korean saber rattling. Yet through it all many have still produced an amazing amount of leadership analysis and thought.

Here are this weeks most compelling leadership articles and videos:

1. Recently the Washington Post has banned some cliches. Leaders take note. Avoid phrases like “hot button issues” and “shifting dynamics.” Be clear and concise.

2. How to be productive like a successful entrepreneur.

3. A thoughtful post considering why some people can’t handle promotions.

4. Does Groupon really help businesses? [video]

5. What can a visit to Disney world teach us about overcoming fear? A lot.

6. Five steps to being a great negotiator.

7. Don’t be mediocre. Seriously. Stop it. Here are five ways to get out of the mediocre mindset.

8. Advice on how to teach teams: “Get used to not being the smartest guy in the room.”

9. Leaders must be self-aware. If they aren’t their careers may be at risk.

10. And of course, the best April fool’s jokes of 2013.



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