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This Week’s 10 Best Leadership Links

relaxHere are some of the week’s best articles, infographics, and videos that can educate leaders:

1. This article tells you how to make mundane topics interesting. It’s mandatory reading for any leader who needs to make a presentation interesting.

2. This man has always had one dream: to make shoes. An inspirational interview that will motivate even the most weary leader.

3. Your ability to lead well may hinge on what you had for lunch.

4. Here’s a man who has done a great amount of traveling without a car. All leaders should know how to hitchhike.

5. This author may promote himself too much via Twitter. Leaders can learn from his success and his detractors.

6. An infographic showing five weird habits of successful people. Worth a quick study.

7. Your going to get into debates every now and then so you minds well prepare for them. Here are three ways you can “fight right.”

8. A helpful list of advice for aspiring leaders. Good, concise pointers.

9.  20 Signs of Leadership Indifference. Title says it better than I could.

10. Ahhh, some comic relief to see us out.



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