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Top 10 Compelling Proactive Leadership Links: Nov. 9-13

61. We always focus on leadership, but Bret Simmon’s does a great job of understanding the importance of being a good follower. [Video]

2. As Tim Ferris explains, Edmund Wilson believed that productivity could soar–if we stopped trying please everyone all the time.

3. Hiring a “superstar” leader might seem like a good idea, but there are some problems as reports.

4. The future of organizations may focus on innovation and, perhaps, community building with employees and clients. Interesting, clearly stated, argument.

5. Eisenhower believed that leadership can be learned. Here’s a few thoughts.

6. Title says it all, “The Art of Learning from a Colleague

7. The process of tinkering leads to innovation. As one of NYC’s tinkerers says, “I’m calling it Industrial Revolution 2.”

8. When you face a group of challenges…how do you react?

9. What will Rupert Murdoch’s recent comments on pulling his content from Google really do?

10. The organizational lessons we can learn from…(wait for it)…Sesame Street.

Addition: My student sent this to me. An inspirational speech from a 4 year old boy. [Funny]



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