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Top 10 Social Media Links For Leaders: Jan 4-8

Journal Search1. Here’s a simple way to make your App dream a reality…for a reasonable cost.

2. 53 sites that help you promote your blog and website.

3. Top 50 Facebook pages created by companies. Learn from what they do and don’t do.

4. 6 ways social media has changed us and the world…for the better.

5. What will social media look like over the next year? Here’s some well thought out ideas.

6. Who reads corporate blogs? People with questions or people looking for thought leadership?

7. A list of great strategies that will help you search the internet more effectively.

8. Use these 52 tips to make your blog better in 2010.

9. Now, for something completely different. Here’s some tips on how you can erase your online presence.

10. New social media tool helps you post your extended ideas, thoughts, and stories.



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