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Women’s Leadership Challenges

There is a common pattern of issues that leaders need to address. However, male and female perspectives on how to manage these issues may differ. Individuals grow up with role models that can be seen as a help or a hindrance depending on what one wants to achieve. Knowing yourself and your personal role patterns is key to understanding how to change yourself in order to lead others well. A new IMEX survey reveals some of the differences in leadership ambitions.

eTravelBlackboard reports on the IMEX findings, “The survey results show that many women still share concerns about how to achieve a sustainable work-life balance but they are also doing battle with other workplace issues which are specific to the 21st century. When asked “what is the major challenge you currently face in your leadership or management role?”, time management, especially in an age of ‘always-on’ social media, was highlighted by many respondents. Others expressed a desire to understand how to be assertive in the workplace without appearing dominant or aggressive, especially in a tougher economic climate.”



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