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You Are A Great Leader (in your own mind)

As a leader/boss it’s not easy finding out what others really think of you.  Your options run the gamut from the semi-unethical (eavesdropping) to the completely and utterly illegal (wiretapping).  In order to stay relevant within your own organization you must be connected with everyone from top to bottom.  We here at the Bacharach Blog can’t sneak into your office and do your dirty work for you but what we can do is give you some hints as to what those you lead really think about you.

Recently Dave Logan, the best-selling author of Tribal Leadership, put out a list of the 7 Things We All Wish We Could Tell the Boss. I am not sure he made the list for leaders, but it actually serves that purpose quite well.  Logan covers everything from “You’re nothing like Lincoln, Churchill or Clinton” which hits on the idea that you might only be a great leader in your own mind to the more self explanatory “Great leaders listen and you don’t”.  So instead of wasting thousands of dollars on pesky legal fees defending yourself against an invasion of privacy lawsuit, check out Dave Logan’s 7 Things We All Wish We Could Tell the Boss.

Oh and just to cover our bases our lawyers really want me to reiterate DO NOT ILLEGALLY WIRETAP YOUR EMPLOYEES.



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