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BLG collaborates with organizations to assure that leaders and top talent become Agenda Movers and turn ideas into results.

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The BLG Pragmatic Leadership™ Series is published by the Cornell University Press and each volume is practitioner orientated, academically grounded, and empathize specific skills of execution that leaders at all levels need to master. Upcoming volumes will focus on innovation, negotiation, agile teams, and leading with empathy.


Cornell’s Executive Management Program
August, 2016

July 16th – 19th, 2016

Now is the time to master new leadership skills.

In an increasingly dynamic, challenging and globally competitive marketplace, BLG trains and coaches leaders at all levels of the organization in the skills necessary to lead for innovation, manage change, and be agile in their pursuit of critical business results.

The BLG Model

BLG will train your leaders in 4 critical competencies:

Contextual Competence

Contextual Competence

Understanding the industry, customer, and internal challenges.

Ideation Competence

Ideation Competence

Framing the challenges and leading from divergent thinking to prototypes.

Political Competence

Political Competence

Mobilizing the support necessary to overcome resistance and get the buy-in.

Managerial Competence

Managerial Competence

Engaging, coaching, and enhancing your teams to sustain momentum.


BLG’s leadership training will deliver real business impact to your organization by:

  • Driving productivity & profitability
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Increasing problem solving capabilities
  • Increasing cross-silo collaboration
  • Assuring talent retention
  • Growing innovation
  • Enhancing organizational culture
  • Managing industry disruption
  • Improving leadership self-awareness

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