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10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From January 3-8

1. This is a sneak peak of a documentary, produced by Ridley Scott, that is composed of user submitted Youtube videos.

2. A list of things that keep managers awake at night. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

3. Are performance reviews worth it? Well, it’s a long debate….

4. Retention woes in the U.S. military.

5. From the invaluable Wall Street Journal: 10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You. Don’t give employers the benefit of the doubt.

6. Dropbox is filling the void that Google hasn’t filled.

7. Donald Tyson died earlier this week. Leaders can learn from his success and management style.

8. The Navy should worry about leadership–not raunchy videos gone viral.

9. Goldman and Facebook sans the S.E.C

10. Cloud computing might not be as light, fluffy, and airy as you thought it was the Economist explains



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