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7 Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Quotes

Whenever we talk about Mark Zuckerberg we like to point out how young he is and all the money he could be worth. We don’t really talk about Zuckerberg like he’s a leader in charge of a billion dollar company–we talk about how he couldn’t get dates at Harvard and, for the umpteenth time, we marvel at his age.

But it’s time to start looking at Zuckerberg’s leadership soberly. “I started the site when I was 19.” Zuckerberg says, “I didn’t know much about business back then.” But he learned quick and managed to make Facebook a global brand despite his inexperience.

Now we have to ask ourselves how a 19 year old kid with  no prior leadership experience became a leader of over 2,000 people in a competitive industry.

The following Zuckerberg quotes don’t answer the question directly–but they revel his pragmatic approach to getting things done.



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