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Chef John Besh Discusses Ego & Focus–Key Tools for the Proactive Leader [Video]

John Besh PictureToday, we will show you the last two parts of the interview I did with New Orleans Chef, John Besh. He discusses the importance of ego and focus:

Ego is important: Cultivating it is hard…

[flashvideo filename=media/04johnbesh.flv image=media/besh.png /width=”526″ height=”300″ overstretch=fit/]

Chef John Besh’s talks about the role of focus in the creative and business world, here:…

[flashvideo filename=media/05johnbesh.flv image=media/besh.png /width=”526″ height=”300″ overstretch=fit/]

Let your passion define you: don’t lose focus. Sometimes the best business deals are the ones you turn down.



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