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Good Jobs Exist. The Problem Is Your Resume

Don Fornes, CEO of Software Advice, has an astonishing point:

“[At] Software Advice, we’re hiring like mad, or at least trying to. You might think a growing company with interesting jobs, great pay, top-notch benefits and a cool office would find hiring to be a breeze in a recession like this. Nope.

The problem is Fornes can’t find candidates that take the time to write a decent cover letter and personalize their resumes. He admits that he gets about 150 resumes for any given job, but only about ten of those deserve a call back.

His biggest pet peeve is when applicants name their resume, ‘resume.’ He’s got a million resume files and not a single clue which one is which.

It’s a must read if you are looking for a job and if you are an employer it will be fun to relate to Fornes’ suffering.



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