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Charisma is not Enough, You Have to Execute [Video]

penguinsCharisma has been played up as a key to leadership. It is, however, a double-edge sword. In the hands of some it’s hope, in the hands of others it’s terror. Charisma is more of a promise of leadership, rather than leadership. In the final analysis charisma may get them on your side, but the real issue is execution. Charisma is a overplayed attribute. A characteristic that may be helpful, but not a attribute that determines leadership.

Saints and sinners have have had charisma, but the leaders that are remembered, the leaders that count, are those that have shown the capacity to get things done. Charisma may give you an opportunity to lead, but it doesn’t mean you are a leader.

[flashvideo filename=media/ItsNotJustCharisma.flv image=media/ItsNotJustCharisma.png /width=”525″ height=”355″ overstretch=fit /]



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