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Proactive Leadership in and Beyond the Restaurant Industry: Management Lessons From Chef John Besh [Video]

John Besh Picture Great restaurants require creativity, high quality, unique presentation, and discipline in execution. To succeed in this industry you must have a great idea, a quality product, a attractive personality, and unique management and leadership skills..(See video).

Last year, when I was in New Orleans, I had a opportunity to interview John Besh–needless to say I jumped at the chance. John Besh typifies a self made proactive entrepreneur. John Besh is a chef who proactively manages his career and knows how to enhance the capacity of others.

[flashvideo filename=media/01johnbesh.flv image=media/besh.png /width=”526″ height=”300″ overstretch=fit class=”alignleft”/]
Enhancing Your Passion

He has opened 6 fine dining restaurants while being named one of America’s top 10 best new chefs by Food & Wine magazine. Chef Besh has also earned some of his industries most prestigious awards.

Over the next week I want to share with you parts of the conversation I had with Chef Besh. We talk about:

  • Management Style
  • Chain of Command
  • The Role of Ego
  • The Skills of Focus
  • The Importance of Giving Back

In many ways Chef Besh typifies the best aspects of proactive leadership since he combines focus, ambition, commitment, and social responsibility. I think there is much to learn from this discussion.

Over this week we’ll be posting the rest this interview so you can learn more about proactive leadership from a person who excels at it.

In today’s clip chef Besh talks about his life, background, and how passion relates to the development of his business. Chef Besh tells us that it’s easy to grow a business if you surround yourself with people who share your same passions and abilities.
john besh cookbook

Check out his upcoming cook book, My New Orleans. It’s sure to be filled with some great New Orleans recipes.



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