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Leadership Link Round-Up

Here are last weeks best web based leadership & workplace articles:

  • Snappy Forbes article considers Obama’s 5 recent Leadership Lessons.
  • How to Procrastinate Like Leonardo Da Vinci. Looks like Leonardo wouldn’t get tenure.
  • The Foreign Policy Magazine takes a sharp look at the rise and potential conflict between two CCP leaders: Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang.
  • Free podcast from the Times UK by Debashis Chatterjee, professor of organizational behavior at the Indian Institute of Management.
  • Wal-Mart is still in the black; partly due to considerate management.
  • Japanese companies, according to The Economist, need to restructure their management or face another ‘lost decade’.
  • Detailed report on Giuliani’s recent speech at a ‘Leaders in London‘ conference. Looks like we missed a good speech.
  • Is the modern business man really too over-loaded with email, texts, and twitter updates to care about what really matters? The American Prospect thinks not.
  • Does a leader become a leader when he starts his job? Or do you have to grow into a leader?
  • Sure, unemployment is up…but so are paychecks.
  • Leadership Lessons from Geese: The title says it all.