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Louisiana Women Leaders Business Conference

Louisiana Center for women in goverment bacharach

Professor Samuel Bacharach will be speaking at The Louisiana Women Leaders Business Conference this week. Go here for registration details.

The Louisiana Women Leaders Business Conference provides women with valuable information pertaining to issues affecting their economic well-being. This year our conference will be in conjunction with our Hall of Fame and will be a morning session with the well known Cornell University professor and author, Samuel Bacharach, empowering women with insight into organizational political competence.


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Dan Adler: Taking a Chance or Just Crazy? (video)

Fighting for what you believe in is part of leadership. Getting people’s attention is part of convincing the world that you should have the opportunity to lead. But is there a limit? Can you actually go too far in your attempts to become a leader? A relative unknown and a big-time underdog by the name of Dan Adler is running for Congress in California’s 36th District. Bold and sometimes odd campaign commercials are nothing new, but Mr. Adler’s latest ad is not only a bit strange but according to some is also teetering on the edge of bad taste. I would try to explain the commercial, but I believe this is one of those instances where justice cannot be done with words. Please watch the video below (trust me, it’s worth it!) and then let me know if you think this political ad is just an enjoyable bit of farce or in fact offensive. For full disclosure, I happen to be 1/4 Korean and I find it hilarious.

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Funny Leadership Cartoon of the Day 5.12.11

Our Cartoon of the Day comes from The Joy of Tech and it takes on the question: How is Microsoft going to market (and possibly screw-up) Skype?

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7 social media and leadership stories from the past 7 days

Here are seven stories from the past seven days about social media and leadership.

1. The Biggest Company you’ve never heard of is about to go public

2.  I guess anyone can be honored for “leadership”

3. Meet the 13 Companies that Came Out on Top at Launch

4. Create Your Own Opportunity

5. Socrates on Communication

6. Curiosity tears down walls

7. Filmmaker to Create Egypt Documentary Through Social Media

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Creativity; it’s what people are constantly clamoring for. Over the past couple of decades we have incessantly urged to “think outside the box” and “stretch the paradigm”.  Organizations are demanding new fresh ideas at every level,  so it would only seem natural that to be elevated to the exulted level of leadership you need a strong streak of creativity running through your every thought and decision.  Here’s a bit of a shock, it’s not really the case. Turns out that people do not always equate creativity with leadership.    In his  insightful and somewhat surprising article, Are the People in Your Organization Too Smart to be Creative?, Chunka Mui, the co-founder and managing director of the Devil’s Advocate Group, discusses the idea that most people within organizations are still unable to draw a direct line between creativity and leadership. Check it out and let us know what you think. And don’t worry, we want you to be creative.