Leadership On the Edge

Chicago: An Example of Leadership & Execution

Leadership is about execution. Yes, it helps to have a positive, ethical image. However, sound bites come and go. It is what gets done that counts. This will be the legacy of Richard Daley’s leadership in Chicago.

Here’s what WBEZ has to say about it:

“Don Carter is the director of Carnegie Mellon’s Remaking Cities Institute. He said it’s clear that Chicago has been a standout among Midwestern cities that have been able to transform into a global economy. He attributes much of the city’s success to Daley – but added it just takes strength and staying on task: “You’ve got to have a vision and you’ve got to convey that vision to your department heads and say, this is what I have in mind and help me get to that point.”

A new era begins next week, when Chicagoans will face a ballot that for the first time in more than 20 years doesn’t have a Daley name. In fact, there’s been a Daley in the mayor’s office in Chicago for more than 40 of the past 55 years.”