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Proactive Leaders Series: Cynthia DePaula

The Proactive Leaders Series aims at finding out how leaders throughout New York are handling the current economic crisis and the strategies they are using to organize their staff and push their agendas forward.

Name: Cynthia DePaula

Company: DePaula & Clark

Number of Staff: 6

Years at Company: 19

Position: President

Location: Chelsea, NYC

Cynthia DePaula has always taken the road less traveled. Her initial bookkeeping business was originally a one-man-show but it has now grown into DePaula & Clark–a friendly and successful bookkeeping, accounting, business & personal management, and tax preparation company.

Hanging out in Cynthia’s office is a true pleasure: it’s a home away from home and her staff are always wearing a friendly smile. It’s no surprise to find out Cynthia believes that the foundation of a great team lies in a positive and beautiful work environment.