Leadership On the Edge


kitchen debate

  1. The elements of the perfect business email.
  2. Are performance reviews on the way out?
  3. Four useful team management guidelines.
  4. Put your phone down. Boredom might be useful.
  5. The case against trying to wake up early. It’s OK to hit the snooze button.
  6. How to switch industries in the middle of your career (video).
  7. Daniel Kahneman warns us against overconfidence.
  8. How to fall back in love…with your job.
  9. The tools you need to work from anywhere in the world.
  10. On this day in history a great negotiation happened…in a model kitchen. Leaders always have to be ready.




Leadership On the Edge

Leaders and the Facts

Leaders giving leadership lessons to other leaders is usually a dispute concerning perspectives on desired outcomes. What gets lost in the debate are the “real facts.” Former Senator Moynihan had the best take on this matter. He is paraphrased as saying, “Everyone has a right to their own opinion. They do not have a right to their own facts.” Another take on factual disputes is the saying, “There are always three parties to determining the facts. He said. She said. And the truth.”

Here’s an excerpt from CBN:

“Mike Huckabee tells the Brody File that Mitt Romney needs to admit that his healthcare plan in Massachusetts was a disaster…That’s what you want in a leader. Someone who says I tried something. It was different. It was bold; it didn’t work so we’ll try something else. That I can live with. What a person can’t really do is to say, “yes I tried it but it really worked great” when it didn’t.”