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Converting Your High Potentials into Leaders

Even though the economy is on a tight rope organizations still need to think about promoting people in order to retain top talent and groom future leaders.  Organizations need to look for their “High Potentials.”

What are High Potentials?

High potentials are people who know the business; the people that know the details of the operation, but are still innovative. They have a sense of where the organization is moving and they aren’t afraid to think on the cutting edge. They aren’t hard to miss.

The challenge is: how do you find High Potentials that can also lead? The hurdle, from our perspective, is knowing which High Potentials are capable of becoming leaders. How do you know if your High Potentials will turn into agents of change that can mobilize people and get things done?

How Do You Find High Potentials Who Can Lead?

It’s not enough to simply identify people who know the business. We have to look for something more–especially when we’re considering promoting a potential leader. Make sure your high potential candidates possess the following traits:

1. Capable of Learning–Looking to Grow: Find individuals that aren’t married to a particular dogma or business strategy.

2. Able to Handle ALL Mistakes: Make sure you find an individual who can handle personal mistakes as well as the mistakes of others–in a timely fashion. In other words, find someone who can convert a sow’s ear into a silk purse….