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Leadership Link Round-Up: May 11-15

Visualizing Leadership: Seaching for Leadership With My Camera

  • Take a deep breath. This isn’t another Great Depression. Whew!
  • Chinese Premier, Zhao Ziyang, refused to suppress the protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Read about his inspiring stand.
  • Full-time, paid, employees are disappearing…and being replaced by studious interns who work for free.
  • Does getting a Ph.D. now often means the end of an academic career rather than the beginning of one?
  • Hemingway’s upcoming posthumous book lets you revisit his dirty Left Bank and his old problems.
  • Where’s the best place to be unemployed? The simple answer is nowhere–the longer answer is cute.
  • Given a marshmallow, how long would you wait until you ate it? The ability to wait for gratification may mean you are better suited for academics. Can we learn from this?
  • Interesting take on Generation X’s attitude problems in the workplace.
  • Here’s a great look at employee theft–the causes and possible solutions. Very interesting.
  • We talked about the ‘rules’ of social networking sites–now the WSJ has created their own rules, forcing staffers to use 2.o websites carefully.
  • The crisis of credit…visualized. I’d imagine this video would be a great tool for classrooms.
  • I know Mother’s day was last weekend–but here’s a great post on leadership and motherhood.
  • On a fun note…why can’t all flight attendant’s rap their boring seat-belt talk?! It would be a lot faster!