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Visiting Mr. Green: Acceptance, Diversity, and Tolerance


In recent years, diversity has become part and parcel of our life, as we come to grips with race, gender, religion, and sexual preference, we are constantly looking for seminars and trainings to teach people about tolerance.  A few months ago, it was my pleasure to go to a reading in Manhattan of a play titled “Visiting Mr. Green” by Jeff Baron.  Not being a theatre connoisseur, I was not aware that the play has won numerous awards, and was translated into 22 languages and produced over 300 times.  It was a grand evening and especially moving because Eli Wallach read the part of Mr. Green.  This play, which deals with such issues as religion, culture, age, and homophobia, provides better insight into acceptance and diversity than anything I’d had read or seen previously.  If you or your organization are looking for a way to focus on the issue of tolerance, consider a reading of “Visiting Mr. Green.”

Update: If your interested in checking out “Visiting Mr. Green” with Eli Wallach and Peter Sabri there will be another reading on June 21st in East Hampton. For details, go here.

Also, for more information and to arrange for rights to present the play, go to