BLG Leadership Insights

10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From May 24-28

1. What will we say about 21st century leadership? What defines it? The Harvard Business Review argues that it’ll come down to values.

2. Bob Sutton smells something fishy about the BP apology. Leaders need to know how to apologize.

3. 5 ways to survive an impossible job (when hide and seek is not an option).

4. A list (and funny analysis) of the 2010 office pet peeves.

5. Here’s a fresh and compelling look at leadership and management divide.

6. The CEO of famed internet store Zappos admits that poker taught him about leadership.

7. The secret to Gladwell’s presentation skill: hard work.

8. Maybe it’s time to rethink your business card. Get ready to break out your arts and crafts equipment.

9. Introducing the first human…to get a computer virus.

10. Fonts are going to start changing on the web. Get ready to be annoyed and entertained.

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds