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Can Charismatic Leadership Be Measured & Learned?

Even if charismatic leadership can be learned and measured, what counts most is execution. This is the only measurement that really matters. Nevertheless, developing charisma that helps in fulfilling goals can be a tangible asset.

Here is part of an article about Kenneth Levine’s (University of Tennessee) new charisma study:

Can a person’s charisma be measured and learned? Yes, says a University of Tennessee study.
Much has been written in business management textbooks and self-help guides about the role that personal charisma plays in leadership.

However, according to the new study co-authored by Kenneth Levine, a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, until recently no one was able to describe and measure charisma in a systematic way.

“Everyone has a leadership capacity in something. But we found that if you want people to perceive you as charismatic, you need to display attributes such as empathy, good listening skills, eye contact, enthusiasm, self-confidence and skillful speaking,” he said.

Those are the attributes social scientists can measure to more fully understand charismatic communication.