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Jon Bul Dau: Responsibility and Leadership

Leadership is not all about getting your company into the Fortune 500 or selling the most widgets. At its heart, Leadership is about becoming aware of what needs to be done and doing it. It’s about helping those in need of guidance to overcome obstacles and ultimately succeed.  It’s about knowing that nothing will get done unless someone takes on the responsibilities of leadership. In many cases, leadership is not just a matter of profits and year-end bonuses, it’s about living and dying. Jon Bul Dau, one of Sudan’s famed Lost Boys,  just might be the perfect example of a true leader.  A person who has taken it upon himself to lead because a leader was needed. This powerful and challenging clip from the 2006 award winning documentary God Grew Tired of Us which focuses on Dau, just might be the perfect example of leadership on its most elemental level.

video: National Geographic
photo: © 2010 John Dau Foundation