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The Future of Social Media Interaction: Businesses Need to Stay Current in Their Online Niche

Do you ever read the comments section after finishing up an article online? When was the last time a comment changed your mind about something, or added something great to the conversation?

Just how valuable are comments?

First, let’s look at some random comments from different online sources that I found today:

Youtube: “1st comment. LOL” (discussing a weekly news clip)

Times UK: “I’m afraid the Government will have a hard task ahead of them persuading the average UK family to convert to solar power at UK prices.” (warily eying Cap & Trade)

The New Republic: “What you seem to have discovered is the artifice and intellectual bankruptcy of much of ‘literary theory.’ Forgive me if I don’t read the book…” (contemplating a book review & subsequent purchase)

Clearly, we see how comments can be bad (LOL), decent (restating simply, or with wit what’s already been said), and good (adding something more to the debate)

How are comments digested, ranked, & presented? Then & Now.

In the early days, comments were created…